Extremely-fast del.icio.us bookmarking

I want to share the way I bookmark things in del.icio.us with you. I’ve created a little nice bookmarklet which does a prompt for the information needed to bookmark a site in del.icio.us. That’s in my opinion the fastet way to bookmark a page and have user-specified tags and title added to it. Well, you could do a one-click solution, but where should it get the tags from?

The title of my bookmarklet is “quickpost”, because it posts a page quickly to del.icio.us.

Here is what you have to do:

  1. log in to del.icio.us
  2. drag this link to your link toolbar: quickpost
  3. edit the location in the link properties: change USERNAME to your username
  4. go to the page you want to bookmark
  5. select some text which should be used as description
  6. click ‘quickpost’
  7. follow the instructions

The bookmarklet lets you verify and modify every information (tags, title, description). You always have to enter some tags, the title is taken from the HTML page title, the description is taken from text you’ve selected on the page. However, you don’t need to select text or enter a description. The field can be left empty. Simply click OK after every step, the page is bookmarked faster than you can say ‘bookmark’.

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Julian Bez

Julian Bez

Julian Bez is a web developer, entrepreneur, and founder from Berlin, Germany.

  • http://popagandhi.com/ Adrianna

    This is a great concept – unfortunately each time I try it, after entering the tags, title and description, at the final okay I keep being brought to the delicious login page. After logging in, I tried again, to the same effect. You might want to look into it.

  • http://www.julian-bez.de/ Julian

    Have you changed the link URL so that YOUR username is in there?

  • http://blog.frankmanno.com Frank Manno


    Very nice bookmarklet… I’ll definitely be making use of this one. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us!

  • Steve

    Beautiful! Many thanks.

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  • http://blog.tinyau.net tinyau

    Thanks for the nice bookmarklet. I found some minor problems if Julian you can fix them in the future version.
    1. Whenever click “Cancel” button, browser cannot return to the original web page.
    2. Even click “Cancel” in the popup screen of ‘Extended description’, that web page is still added to del.icio.us

    P.S. I’m using Firefox.

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  • http://www.julian-bez.de/ Julian

    1. clicking cancel aborts the prompt – nothing happens – you should stay on the original web page
    2. clicking cancel in ‘Extended description’ is the same as entering no description. Yes, the page is still added. But why do you proceed to this step when you don’t want to add the page?

  • http://blog.tinyau.net tinyau

    1. Mine is different from yours. When I click ‘Cancel’, a blank page is shown with the javascript statement shown in URL of Firefox.
    2. So I said it’s a minor problem. :P

  • http://www.alvit.de/vf Vitaly Friedman

    I have created a similar thing some months ago, although yours is much better. ;) Thanks!

  • http://bico.se bico

    Hi Julian,

    Excellent tool! Thanks a lot! But isn’t it possible to use the keywords and the description from the HTML-page as the default values for the tags and the description?


  • Victor

    I found two defects:

    I modified it a bit to handle del.icio.us’s system:unfiled tag. When you say OK on empty tag prompt it shows blank page. I’ve added “null!=” to the if-prompt statement.

    I’ve also modified the extended description part ’cause it used to pass “null” if prompt is blank. I’ve added “if(des==null)des = ””; Much better now.

    One solution to the Cancel problem is to add an “else” at the end with “location.href=location.href”. Only annoyance is the reloading of the page.

    Otherwise, it’s an excellent tool. I’ve assigned a mouse gesture to it. Works like a charm!


  • http://gerhardlazu.com Geri

    Delicious has examples of bookmarlets on it’s about page > http://del.icio.us/doc/about . It gives you a step-by-step for the most popular browsers… I have been using the example for Safari for a good couple of months now and I’m very chuffed with it.

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  • http://www.julian-bez.de/ Julian

    Thanks everyone for your comments, I’m happy that you like the bookmarklet!

  • http://closetphilosopher.com/ Joshua

    Instead of reloading the page, try using

  • Shane

    I really like this bookmarklet!
    It works great on Firefox on my home PC, but not on IE6 at work. I get “The protocol “javascript” does not have a registered program. Do you want to keep this target anyway?” and answer “Yes”, but when I click on the quickpost button nothing happens.
    Do you think I need to alter any settings under Properties | Security? The standard del.icio.us bookmarketlet works OK.

  • http://www.worldwideweb-x.com/openData.html Matt Fausey

    There are three new del.icio.us posting tools located at http://www.worldwideweb-x.com/openData.html. One is an interfaceless batch submission program, one is an ActiveX component for logon/submission, and the most interesting to me is “!Delicioso!” which is an application providing an interface to step-by-step crawl your site and submit URLs under your control. A list of up to 10 tags is automatically generated by reading the HTML (at the URL being submitted) and picking the 10 most frequently occuring words, excluding stop words. This truly is one-click submission — the title, extended description, and tags are automatically created by the program.

  • http://www.wickedinnovations.com/ web designer

    pretty nice tool.

  • Shane

    Re my comment #17; the work machine is only on SP1, so it’s not a SP2 popup blocker issue, in case anyone was going to suggest that.

  • http://www.samplify.be Sam

    Would it be possible to make a version with one single window (with all fields)? That way, when you have added the tags, you just hit enter once, and the info is send to delicious.

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  • http://www.sunpr.msk.ru Hroatia

    You have an JS error at the gb page.

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  • http://www.joegrossberg.com Joe Grossberg

    I miss the tab-completion for tagging (and seeing existing tags). Ah well, it’s good to see another option out there. Nice job.

  • http://slimdetox.com Mr. Pillman

    thx for the information necessary to me.. and no comments (c)

  • Mojo513

    Wow! This works great! It saves me so much time. The first one I actually tried it out on was this site! I think the key for it to work properly is for people to remember that once they bookmark the “quickpost” link, they need to R click>properties>location and change where it says USERNAME, to their own del.ic.ious username. Leave the question mark next to the name there.

    I love it… Thanks Again


  • http://anildigital.blogspot.com anildigital

    I am using it from last few months. It is extremely useful. I am going to write a blogpost for this on my blog. It saved my precious time. Greaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttt work!
    Keep it up


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  • http://dma.sjsu.edu/~emiller Ethan

    Something must have changed with link submissions – this now gives an error message: “A required security token was not received with your form data” … not sure what’s needed.

  • Philip

    Thanks! I used to use Del.icio.us’ browser buttons when I used Firefox… which I greatly miss, having switched to Opera.

    This little bookmarklet is awesome!