Prevent Firefox from opening new windows once and for all

After using my recently installed news reader it was going on my nerves, that every time I clicked a link a new Mozilla Firefox window popped up. Why did Firefox not use a tab? As Jeremy Flint reports, he had the same problem. What good is a browser with tabbed browsing, if external applications use new windows?

Fortunately, there’s a function in the very useful “tabbrowser extensions” that lets you specify exactly what Firefox should do with links from external applications.

Tabbrowser Extensions Preferences

Just go to the “Preferences of Tabbrowser Extensions” window. Select “Use Tab” and then “External Links”. Now you can select what should be done with links in other applications.

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Julian Bez

Julian Bez

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  • David House

    There’s also Single Window if you don’t want the hassle of TBE.