LiveHTTPHeaders extension available for 1.0PR


I recognized that the extension I missed so much after installing the latest version of Mozilla Firefox is now ready for 1.0PR. Now you can do all the things a developer needs to do. The LiveHTTPHeaders extension helps you by:

  • adding a “Headers” tab in “View Page Info” of a web page
  • adding a tool in the “Tools” menu to be able to display http headers in real time (while pages are being downloaded from the Internet)
  • letting you edit request headers and replay an URL (I have to say I didn’t find out where this feature is located)

Now you don’t have to guess anymore if gzip is really working or not. Just have a look at the headers!

Additionally you can debug a web application easily, see which kind of web server the remote site is using and the cookies sent by remote site.

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Julian Bez

Julian Bez

Julian Bez is a web developer, entrepreneur, and founder from Berlin, Germany.

  • Mike P.

    Nice, I haven’t even tried 1.0PR yet because I was waiting for this…

  • Julian

    … and I was kind of shocked to see this “Disabled” directly after installing 1.0PR.