Use Notepad to edit UTF-8 files

My WordPress installation encodes pages in UTF-8. As long as you use only the WordPress front-end everything is all right. But when it comes to edit other files, especially with German umlauts, I got a problem.

I soon recognized that my PHP editor (which I use to edit every web-related text-file) doesn’t like UFT-8 very much. Instead of “�”, he shows me “ä”. That would not be the problem if you don’t have to write umlauts.

Choose UTF-8

Pages which where already there had to be converted to UTF-8. So change every instance of “�” to “ä” by hand? Continue reading Use Notepad to edit UTF-8 files

Compress your CSS files!

I’ve followed the steps described at and compressed my style sheet. The result is just fascinating:

  • file size before: 6296 bytes
  • file size compressed: 1885 bytes

That’s only 30% of the original file size! Wow! If 1000 people have visited your site, you’ve saved 4.2 MB of traffic. Just by compressing the CSS.

For those who don’t want to follow the link above, here’s an explanation. You can use PHP and gzip to reduce the file size of your style sheet. I’ve used this method and it works! Continue reading Compress your CSS files!

I just start

Starting jet

Well, I simply start writing my own weblog. It’s called “j-blog”. I’ve chosen the “j” mainly because I’m Julian. First, I wanted to name the blog somehow special. We all know names like Mezzoblue, Stopdesign or What Do I Know. The fact that I don’t want to set up a new domain name for it made me skip this idea. I drifted to a more basic name. I had created the current favicon for the old site (yeah, there was a web site before it became a blog site) before even thinking of a weblog. For my weblog, I continued to use it and made it the site logo. All I had to do was to put a “blog” after it: “j-blog”.


You might notice that there are only three categories. Don’t worry. If I have more than 100 entries (maybe some time), I will add a few more.

As it came to start a blog I decided to redesign my whole site. Now it is full liquid. If you got Mozilla Firefox or something alike you can resize it to any size you want. Try it. If you got Internet Explorer you can resize it, too. But due to the fact that IE doesn’t know min-width it’ll behave strange if you go under 800×600.