Why link to index.php?

Well, you can call me pedantic, because of writing a whole blog entry about this, but I think it’s important. We are web designers, so we should care about every little thing that helps us improve our websites.

I noticed that most people do not worry about what to link to, when linking to the home page of their sites. That’s a big mistake, I think. Let me explain what I mean. Normally, you have a link back to the entry site of your website. Often it’s titled “home”. But where do you link to? A little case study:

  • The CSS Vault links to “http://www.cssvault.com/”, but that will always redirect you to “http://cssvault.com/”
  • Dave Shea links to “/”.
  • Jeremy Flint links to “/wp/index.php”
  • Yellowlane links to “http://www.yellowlane.com/”
  • Anil Dash links to “index.php”

So, where’s the point? Well, in the worst case you can make three sites out of one. The visitors will still see one site, but search engines will think there are three. Continue reading Why link to index.php?

LiveHTTPHeaders extension available for 1.0PR


I recognized that the extension I missed so much after installing the latest version of Mozilla Firefox is now ready for 1.0PR. Now you can do all the things a developer needs to do. The LiveHTTPHeaders extension helps you by:

  • adding a “Headers” tab in “View Page Info” of a web page
  • adding a tool in the “Tools” menu to be able to display http headers in real time (while pages are being downloaded from the Internet)
  • letting you edit request headers and replay an URL (I have to say I didn’t find out where this feature is located)

Now you don’t have to guess anymore if gzip is really working or not. Just have a look at the headers!

Additionally you can debug a web application easily, see which kind of web server the remote site is using and the cookies sent by remote site.

Yahoo: beta not for everyone

As you hopefully know, Yahoo released a beta version of its site using CSS. What you probably not know is that the site is not available for everyone at this moment. I could not imagine this, although people told about it. Thanks to Dan�s iCapture, its provable now:

Yahoo not for everyone

It’s interesting that they tell you to “check back next week”. We’ll see what happened then.