Google TV is already there, available after 1000 Gmail logins

There’s a funny Google TV hoax going on. Apparently, someone made a video which demonstrates how to get access to a new site called “Google TV” using Gmail. All you have to do is send yourself a message and login and out again and again.

What makes me laugh is neither the fact that someone makes a video in such “believable” fashion nor that there are people who obviously tried what the guy in the video said – without luck. No, the interesting thing are those who immediately start posting that it really works. Reminds me of these people who say there really was a long horse. However, there’s even a guy on YouTube who films himself logging into Google TV. And some people really seem to believe that others needed a couple of hundred logins to get there. Stupid!

Video below, or watch in YouTube.

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Julian Bez

Julian Bez

Julian Bez is a web developer, entrepreneur, and founder from Berlin, Germany.

  • philip umukoro

    hello, how cane i install gmail tv on my computer?

  • Mark

    But it really works! It just took me about 60 Gmail-logins and now I have it. It is cool! And actually you guys out there may believe it is a hoax as long as you want.

  • Manuel Alexis Colón Jorge

    no logro poner en mi ordenador la pestaña de google tv

  • bruno

    that part were there is “use gmail with these other google products” doesn’t appear on my gmail account the last one is ” Attachments:Advanced attachment features – See progress bars when attaching files to messages, and attach multiple files at once. Requires flash. Learn more
    Basic attachment features – Attach one file at a time and don’t show progress bars.