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Nice title, don’t you think? Well, there is a new site I need to talk about here (and how often does that happen… yes, that was for you, subscribers, whoever you are).

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Qunu provides live help from people using the things you need help for. Basically that is the same as if you post a question in a forum where those people with knowledge are. But Qunu has the ability to connect you instantly. And if someone tags himself, that is the way you say you are an expert at somethin, I think this persons really knows somethin about that topic.

So if you need help for some topic, you search for a specific keyword. If someone tagged himself with that keyword, the person will show up in the search result (if he’s online and the status is not set to ‘away’ I think). Now you can contact him and he can respond within a minute. You get help, or not, and after that you can tell your opinion about the ‘expert’.

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I quickly registered myself for the pleasure of helping other people with software. Yes, indeed. As long as I dun get spammed I think it can be fun. But I’m still waiting for my first case, so not much to tell about fun or not here. If you search for some thing like html or css now you have the chance of chatting with me. I see you are delighted.

Qunu uses Jabber to connect people via Instant Messaging. If someone requests my help Trillian just pops up asking me if the user is allowed to contact me. That makes the whole thing convenient and interesting for tech freaks. And someone who uses Jabber is most likely and expert. For everything. Cough.

That is what I like about this service, it uses existing technologies and provides a useful alternative, an improvement, for something. What do you think? Will you use it or stick to forums?

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Julian Bez

Julian Bez

Julian Bez is a web developer, entrepreneur, and founder from Berlin, Germany.